Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Harvard, "The Empire of Ice Cream"

On Tuesday, July 1st, President Faust treated the entire Harvard community to an ice cream extravaganza in Harvard Yard. This was certainly a pleasant way to combat the sultriness of a summer afternoon. By the time I entered Harvard yard at 4:30PM (the event started at 4:00), a sea of people had already flooded into the serving area, which was set up as a large rectangle of tables on which a delicious variety of ice cream flavors was poised for consumption.

Fortunately, I arrived just in time to hear President Faust declare Harvard "the empire of ice cream." She graciously invited all the Harvard community to this gathering in order to thank us for all our hard work and to wish for another fruitful year working together towards greatness. Her short but powerful speech memorably ended with "Ice cream today, the world tomorrow!" What a great leader she is!

A couple of PRISE friends and I could not miss the opportunity to introduce ourselves to President Faust and take pictures with her. Extended conversations were not possible, because she was overwhelmed with other people who wanted to meet her. Regardless of the briefness of our encounter, we all appreciate her generosity of taking time off her insanely busy schedule to mingle with the Harvard community.

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