Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Priceless PRISE moment

During the activities scheduling meeting in which authors of the accepted proposals met with Greg to finalize dates, we got our share of Greg-ness, his stories, and his inveterate tendency to make hilarious insinuations. This time however, the source of laughter was not "yours truly," but inadvertently, one of our own - PRISE fellow Anna Wagner.

As we were discussing the logistics of a PRISE-hosted party (proposed by fellow Leslie Jimenez), the talk eventually focused on the venue ideas, of which Dudley House was a suggestion, with its spacious dining hall serving as a dance floor and the upper rooms as places to hang out. Greg promptly balked at the idea, saying that he does not trust college students alone in a room - with sofas lying around (you know...).

Anyway, in an attempt to dispel his worries, Anna, in all seriousness, suggested that Greg could "help serve drinks upstairs and watch us...", but immediately realized the voyeuristic implications of such proposal. Understandably, the whole room shook with laugher.

Oh, college.

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